Action Cards

    Action cards are the basis for the entire game. The game includes a full set of action cards or you can add your own using the Action Card Editor. You may also remove any cards you do not want to use by deselecting it's Active checkbox. You can do this before hand by using the Action Card Editor or during game play by clicking on the edit card button on any action window.

There are four areas of the game that require action cards:

Grab Bag

    If you land on this space, you will be asked to perform an action by yourself.  The card chosen by the game will be determined by your personal settings and the current level.  Your options are to either perform the action or use one of your chicken-outs, if you have any.

Play Pen

    This space randomly pairs you with another compatible partner and presents an action for both of you to perform.  Actions chosen are based on the personal settings for both players and the current level.  Either player can choose to chicken-out, if available.


    Landing on another player's property brings up the Rent dialog box, if both players are compatible.  You will be asked to "work" for the property owner by performing an action on or with the owner.  Personal settings for both players as well as game level influence the type of action chosen.  Either player can use a chicken-out, if available


    These action cards occur when two compatible players land on the same space.  Other types of interaction, such as rent, will take the place of same-space interactions if they should happen at the same time.  The Action Cards for Interactions are drawn from the Play Pen Action Card set.  Chicken-outs can be used.


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