Game Options

The 'Game Options' tab allows you to set options related to general game play.  These options include:

Game Tempo - From 1 to 10, you can set how fast the game progresses from introductory to more involved actions.  Default is 5.

Allow Interactions - This options allow for actions when two compatable players land on the same un-owned space. Default is checked.

Allow Chicken Outs - Checking this box allows a player to 'pass' and not perform an action.  The number of chicken outs allowed during a game can be set (see below). A player may also purchase chicken outs during game play.  Default is checked.

Allow Property Sales - This options allows a player to sell property back to the bank. Default is unchecked.

Allow Loans - This option allows players to borrow money from either the bank or other players. Default is unchecked.

Reuse Action Cards - Cards will be used again during game play if possible.  Default is unchecked.


Use Action Cards Below a Player's Kinky Level - Checking this box will allow action cards that are below a player's kinky level to be used.  Selecting this option will give each player a much larger supply of action cards for the game to use. This option should only be unchecked if you wish to limit actions to just one kinky level. This option does not apply to the XXX Director.  Default is checked.

Game Sounds - Sounds such as the dice rolling and the pieces moving will be played if this option is checked.  Default is checked.

Other Sounds - This option turns off key clicks, button presses and so forth. Default is unchecked.

Autosave Games - This option will automatically save your game if it is closed for any reason during game play (Note that this may cause a slight delay after each dice roll on older systems).  Default is checked.

Show Hints at Startup - Shows game hints and tips at upon starting. Default is checked.

Password Protect - Allows you to password protect the game.

Edit Property Names - This option allows you to edit the property names, cost and rent.

Reset Game - This resets the game to it's default settings. It does not affect registration information.


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