You can quickly start a game by using the Quickstart button. This allows you to load a game configuration from a list of presets and start the game in a minute.



Checking Automatically check for updates option will insure your game is up to date.

If you find the button click sounds annoying you can turn them off by de-selecting the Other Sounds option.

You can roll the dice with the spacebar if you would like, the Roll button should get the focus back after most actions and dialog windows.

You can edit or disable Action Cards during game play by clicking the up carrot button on any action card window.

When you are editing or creating action cards keep an eye on the data scroll bar, it will report common mistakes in card design.

Take the time to select all the toys you possibly can. It will greatly increase the number of action cards available during game play.

Try using the Player Options Wizard to quickly set up your preferences.

Try setting your Kinky Index as high as you can, it will greatly increase your available Action Cards.

Try using the Director's Wizard to add your files to the list. Just copy the videos and pictures you want to add into a folder, navigate there with the directory and files boxes in the director's pane then click the wizard button.

The XXX Director allows you to add 'group' actions, up to 4 players in a variety of action types.

Please report any errors you get, it will not only allow us to fix your prooblem but will help us improve the game.






Many of the labels and lights on the gameboard can be clicked on to change settings.





Click on the player's name to change their preferences during game play.




Most windows have a ? icon in the upper right hand corner. Clicking this icon will take you to help on that specific window.







During game play you can edit a given XXX Director file's settings by clicking on the up carrot button on the Director's Window.





When using the card editor you may click on the Data Scroll Bar to quickly jump around within the card set. Clicking in the middle will take you to the middle card, etc.



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