Player Options

The 'player options' tab is where you will set all of the player specific options for the game.


These options include:

Number of players - 4PLAY 6.0 can be played by up to 8 people.

Player Name - Each player should have a different name.

Player Sex - Male or Female.  This option will change some of the individual and clothing options.

Wizard - This button launches the Player Options Wizard.  More information about the wizard can be found by clicking here.

Individual Options - The actions a player is, or is not, willing to do can be customized here.  Their physical features and demeanor should also be set in order to have the best suited action cards used during game play. Click here for detailed information on the given Individual options.


Clothing - The clothing each player is currently wearing can be set.  Clothing options depend on the sex of the player.  The most common clothing items are selected by default.

Orientation - Options include straight, bi-curious, bisexual and gay.  Default is straight.

The following orientations are available :

    Straight (interactions only with those of the opposite sex)
    Bi-Curious (interactions with both sexes but only the lighter ones with those of the same sex)
    Bi (interactions with both sexes)
    Bi or Bi-Curious (interactions with both sexes)
    Gay (interactions only with players of the same sex)
    Gay, Bi or Bi-Curious (interactions with both sexes)
    Straight, Bi or Bi-Curious (interactions with both sexes)


Kinky Index - Options include mild, wild, kinky, very kinky and certifiable pervert.  Default is kinky.

Player graphic - Changes the graphic used by each player during game play.


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