Game Registration

4PLAY 6.0 is shareware, if you wish to continue using it after it has expired or would like to play past level two you must register the game.

1.) Purchase the game. To purchase 4PLAY 6.0 using our secure server or PayPal, click here.

2.) Install your LIC file or unlock the game using your serial ID.

3.) Enjoy the game.


LIC File

When you order 4PLAY 6.0 you will receive a LIC file via email. This file will 'unlock' your install of 4PLAY 6.0. The process is very simple :

    1.) The LIC file will arrive as a file attachment. Your email client may automatically download the file for you, or it may prompt you to download it. Either way you need to copy the LIC file into the 4PLAY directory (the location of this directory is displayed in the About window of the game.

    2.) After you have copied the LIC file into the 4PLAY 6.0 directory start the game. The splash screen should now report the game as a registered version. You can verify this in the Registration pane.

If you have difficulty dealing with the LIC file just follow the instructions below to unlock the game.

Unlocking 4PLAY 6.0  

If you need to reinstall the game at a later date you can use your Serial ID to unlock the game. Just click on the Registration button, located in the top right corner of the Game Setup window and follow the instructions. If you are having difficulties here are a few solutions to the most common problems.

    1.) You must be connected to the internet. If you are connected (i.e. Internet Explorer loads sites) and the game still reports that you are not connected it may be because of firewall software. Try temporally disabling your firewall, click here for information.

    2.) If the game reports that it you are connected to the internet it but could not connect to the 4PLAY 6.0 server it is possible that the server may be having technical difficulties. We host with a major provider and are on a dedicated machine, but things do happen. You can verify that the 4PLAY server is up by going to

    3.) If the game reports that it could not verify your user information there are several possible problems :


Unlock and Validate codes

The unlock and validate codes from an installed shareware version are required to order the game.


To find the Unlock and Validate codes, first click on the Registration tab.






These codes can be selected and copied so that you can paste them directly into the text boxes on the 4PLAY ordering form.









Lost Serial ID

4PLAY 6.0 keeps your Serial ID for you, but if you should loose your hard-drive and need to re-install you can send an email to with LOST SERIAL ID in the subject line and your basic information (name, partial address and email address) and we will email you your ID.


Serial ID Abuse

Do not give your Serial ID to anyone, excessive use of a given ID to unlock the game will result in it's being revoked and you will no longer be able to use it.


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