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Reporting an Error Reporting a bad Action Card    



Errors can be broken down into two basic groups, those trapped by the game and those trapped by Windows itself. If the game traps an error you will get an error report window.


4PLAY 6.0 Error (Trapped by the game)

If you encounter an error please take the time to report it, this helps us to not only solve your problem but to improve the game.

To report an error click on the Error report button.






The Error Report is plain text and can be copied by selecting it and pressing Ctrl-C. Email this report to the email address included in the report with the subject ERROR REPORT. Please add the following to the email.

Where were you in the game?

What were you doing?

What OS are you running?

If you were actually playing the game please try to attach the PASS.GAM file. This file is located in the 4PLAY60 directory. This will allows us to actually run the game setup you were.



If you receive an error trapped by windows (an example left) you will need to let us know :

These errors are external to the game itself and are often drive issues. Though they can sometimes be the result of a incomplete install of the game. This can be caused by a variety of things, often a corrupted file during downloading. Try uninstalling the game, then download and install a new copy.


If re-installing does not fix the problem then please report it, email the report to SUPPORT@i4PLAY.COM with the subject line ERROR REPORT. Include the following information.

Where were you in the game?

What were you doing?

What OS are you running?

Have/can you run 4PLAY 5.0 successfully on your system?


Reporting a bad Action Card

If you find an action card improperly constructed or with spelling errors email us at SUPPORT@i4PLAY.COM, please include which set it is in (Grab Bag, Play Pen, Interactions or Rent Pay). Also include the card number.


To get the card number click on the Edit Card Button. The Card ID is the number we need.







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