The rules of the game are pretty simple. When you first start the game a player is chosen at random to go first. The following rules apply as you play the game.

No player may purchase property until all the players have crossed Pay Day.

When you cross Pay Day you get $100 times the current level (for example in level 3 you would receive $300)

When you land on an un-owned property you will be asked if you wish to purchase it, assuming you have sufficient money.

If two players land on the same space Interactions will be launched if :

    Interactions are enabled

    Interactions are on (when you roll the dice the game randomly turns them ON or OFF)

If you land on another's property you will be given an action card, you may choose to Pay, Play or Chicken Out. You may purchase additional Chicken Outs at any time by clicking on the number of Chicken Outs remaining to the right of the player's name.

If you land on the Grab Bag Space you will receive an action card, you may opt to Chicken Out.

If you land on the Play Pen space the game will randomly select another compatible player and give you a Play Pen Action Card. Either player may choose to Chicken Out.

If you land on the Goto The Clinic space you will head to the clinic where you will remain for 3 turns. When you get out it will cost you 1/4 of your money.

When you land on the Lotto space you receive whatever monies are in the Lotto, this amount increases by $25 every time a player crosses Pay Day.

If you land on the Tax Man space you loose %15 of your money.

The Game's Level increases at a rate controlled by the game tempo setting or you may manually change it at any time by clicking on the current level label.


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