Many different toys are listed in the 4PLAY game setup under the 'toys' tab.  They are arranged into categories for easy reference.  Some toys are automatically selected when you start the game setup because they are the most common.  All toys listed have action cards written for them.

NOTE:  If you do not select any toys, you will get an error message on the 'start game' page notifying you that your action cards will be severely limited.  To avoid this, it is best to leave all or most of the default toys selected or select several others.

If a toy comes up during game play that you do not want to use, you can remove it.  This will remove the toy for that game only - if it is a custom toy, it will still show in the game setup.

Custom Toys

4PLAY has room for you to add up to 50 custom toys.  Once you add a toy to the custom toys list, it will appear every time you run the game setup.  However, you will need to check the ones you want to use during each game. Custom Toys must be added during setup and may not be added during gameplay.

NOTE:  If you add your own toys to the game, they will not automatically have related action cards.  You will need to use the Action Card Editor to create cards for your custom toys.  Click here for information about action cards.


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